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Proven Warehousing and Distribution Expertise

A demonstrated reputation for on-time delivery has earned Adams Manufacturing exceptional shipping ratings from North America's leading retailers and custom plastic injection molding clients. Our deep logistics expertise translates into a hassle-free experience for our clients, with the ability to handle even the most complex shipping and distribution requirements.

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Over 25 Years of Global Shipping & Logistics Experience (Truck, Rail, Air, Boat)

  • Ideally equipped and staffed with multi-shift logistics centers to handle any customer shipping requirement—from single small pack box to multiple truck loads.
  • Our logistics experts pride themselves on preparing shipments to minimize customer handling issues.
  • Extensive eCommerce fulfillment experience. EDI/API/reporting experience.
  • Nearby rail siding ensures prompt, environmentally-friendly delivery of material, and better control over storage.
  • Strategic Western PA location is optimally positioned for easy accessibility to major highways and DCs throughout North America. One-day drive to many locations.