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Ideal For:

  • High-Volume Projects
  • Existing Molds/Tooling
  • Large-Tonnage Requirements
Large Tonnage Injection Molding Presses
Injection Molding Engineering And Design
Storage Silos For Injection Molding
Resin For Plastic Injection Molding

custom injection molding services from Adams Manufacturing

Consistent Superior Quality. From a Deeply Experienced Plastic Injection Molder.
Exactly the Way You Want It. At a Cost That Makes Sense.

Adams is uniquely qualified to precision manufacture your plastic injection molded parts to exacting specifications—at the best possible value.

Adams is an established "Made in USA" supplier of exceptional-quality resin furniture and accessories. With deep expertise in plastic injection molding, we continue to earn industry-wide accolades around our manufacturing best practices, product innovation and commitment to service.

The same meticulous attention to detail that goes into our own products drives every aspect of our custom injection molding business. We're more than just another run-of-the-mill plastic injection molder. We are a mission-critical extension of your business.

Quik-Fold® Bistro Table
Adams Manufacturing Suction Cup
RealComfort® Barstool

Adams' philosophy is simple... treat client injection molding projects with the same high degree of precision and care that we put into our own products.